16 September 2015

Toms Whisky Review – Edinburgh Whisky – Library Collection – Highland Park 2000 single cask bottling

Highland Park 2000 The Library Collection(Edinburgh Whisky) After the first blend from Edinburgh Whisky I was interested to try this single cask bottling from them also.

Nose Oh wow this is sweet, ex bourbon like, reminds me a lot of highland park Freya, it’s sweet pears and hints of American cream soda, fresh Madagascan vanilla, pear drops and hints of gentle smoke wafting in the background
Taste Sweet and spicy, pear drops and woody smoke, it’s a little peppery but with lots of pear drops and syrup in the background.
Finish Sweet and smoky, syrup and creamola foam

I like this, a lot, there’s a lot of similarities to Highland Park Freya and I love that dram, this really does tick all the boxes for me. Click the link for Toms Full Review