02 November 2015

Whisky Apocalypse Review – New Town, New Company but an older style of whisky.

The reason I wanted this is whisky is because I grew up in the New Town and have very fond memories of the place and really just wanted this to sit on the shelve but it’s a really good solid whisky. When you look at the price there are entering the market alongside some very good whiskies, think Compass Box Great King Street Blends, Douglas Laing’s Scallywag and Dimple 15, does it sit alongside them? Yes it does and the thing about this whisky and Edinburgh Whisky is that it doesn’t need to be cut throat competition, all of the independent bottlers and blenders can exist side by side and we as consumers should be supporting them all because without them we’ll just be left with the big boys, it’s like shopping in the local deli or butcher rather than the hypermarket, get supporting get buying and well done to Edinburgh Whisky on a cracking first effort and I wait with baited breath on their upcoming blends. Full Review