Edinburgh Whisky Ltd. is a privately-owned independent company, based in Scotland’s capital city. We carry on the age-old tradition of Edinburgh merchants who cannily sourced, blended, bottled then traded supreme Scotch whiskies all over the world. We carefully create whiskies that have real character and complexity, to be enjoyed in myriad ways in a modern world. Created locally, enjoyed globally.


The six classic whisky producing regions of Scotland reflect the differences in water supplies, barley, distillery still formations and maturation environment – and together they embrace the full diversity of regional tastes and styles. The Library collection is our selection of the best casks available,we only bottle a small amount of these special single casks each year. Bottled un-filtered at 46%, and that’s it.

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These blends were created to honour the New Town Project which was first suggested in 1752, the largest planned city development in the world at that time designed to house the wealthy, and to attract back to Scotland the absentee noblemen who now lived in London. We feel these blends reflect the quality expected by gentlemen of a certain standing.

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Social intimacy was a feature of community life in Edinburgh throughout the first half of the 18th century. The wealthy and the poor lived in close proximity, often in the same tenements though on different levels; the first and second floors having the highest social cachet. Numerous clubs and societies thrived during this period of ‘Enlightenment’. Our Old Town Blend was created to embrace the spirit of Enlightenment, best enjoyed with friends.


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Its a small part but we get a mention, https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/on-the-road/12838/edinburgh-s-whisky-heritage/  thanks Felipe Schrieberg from Scotchwhisky.com Since I am finally getting round to posting an update we have two new Library bottlings scheduled for March, advanced notification will be sent to everyone who has signed up to receive our newsletter  if you still have to do this its on the home page of the website just pop your email in and we promise you will receive no more than one update a month. Some great adventures across Europe took place in February which we will update you on once we remember exactly what happened.
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The Edinburgh Distillery Company

Our aim is to resurrect whisky distillation in the capital and we are currently investigating a number of potential sites. Interested parties should make themselves known by contacting us.

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